I have only been travelling for a year but I've already learned a lot of things and met awesome people whom I've shared great memories with. What started as an excursion to escape the stress of my everyday life has become a journey towards self-discovery and personal development.

Travel blogs have given me much of the travel tips and wisdom that I needed but it's still my own experiences while travelling that taught me what really works and what really doesn't.

I guess it's true when they say that each person has their own way of seeing things. Regardless, the lessons that people can learn from traveliing don't really differ that much.

I tried to make a compilation of the things that I've learned through my journey and here are some of the ones that I've learned so far:

1. Travelling is not a race to finish a scratch map of the world.

If you ask any traveler to pick the best places they've been to, a smile will surely light up their face. No matter the distance or number of places they've seen, there will always be that place (or places) that end up being special to them. I believe that travelling isn't about visiting every country in the world. Instead, it is a personal journey towards finding the places that one wouldn't mind revisiting no matter how many times they been to them.

2. You learn how to pack and what to pack through trial and error.

Travel blogs can give you tips on how to pack light but every traveler has his/her own quirks. What works for others might not work for you. As you go farther on your travels you'll be able to discern just how much gear you really need for each trip.

3. Itineraries are good but it's the unplanned experiences that make a trip worth it.


Travels plans should be as flexible as possible to make room for unforeseen opportunities. It's usually the unexpected events and experiences that make it down the memory lane.

4. Always bring extra money.

This goes in tandem with item number three. Never pass up on an opportunity just because you don't want to go past your target budget (unless you're planning to publish a budget breakdown). Our lives are peppered with once in a lifetime chances. To live a life regretting missed opportunities is a very sad way to live.

5. Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation.

We sometimes tend to put a bubble between us, our friends, our family, and other people. Travelling forces us to leave this bubble and socialize with strangers. A good conversation with a stranger on a two-hour bus ride might even end up sparking a friendship that would last a lifetime.

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