The temple as seen from the front Tucked in a hill near the busy streets of San Fernando, La Union is a Taoist temple called Ma-Cho Temple. According to Wikipedia, the temple was built in 1975 by the Chinese community in San Fernando City and it houses a small icon of Mazu (Ma Cho) - the goddess of the sea. The temple towers over the other buildings below the hill and offers a view of the West Philippine Sea obstructed only by the towering arches in the front.

Beside the temple is a flight of steps leading to the pagoda and the statue of the god of mercy which offers a magnificent view of the whole temple courtyard.

Another popular feature of the temple courtyard are the statues of the eighteen Luo Han (disciples of Buddha).

I took my fair share of photos of the vibrant architecture but opted not to take any pictures of the interior because it is a sacred place of worship for the Taoists (plus there were people giving their prayers at the time). Doing so would be very disrespectful to them.

Reference: Wikipedia

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