Men do not understand books until they have a certain amount of life, or at any rate no man understands a deep book, until he has seen and lived at least part of its contents. - Ezra Pound

I've been fond of reading books since I was a kid. Our house library is mainly comprised of my parent's college textbooks so I contented myself with reading the encyclopedia and the short stories found on my textbooks from school. It was through this that I discovered some of my most favorite books. But that's another story.

Rows and rows of books A few years ago I was wandering around upper session road when I came across this quaint little bookstore called Mt. Cloud Bookshop. The shop is tucked in a very small place but they were able to maximize the space.

What I love most about the shop is that it offers books by local publishers. These are the books that will never see the light of day in mainstream bookstores. I've purchased some of them and am currently keeping an eye on the William Henry Scott Omnibus. Also included in their shelves are books written by Baguio-based authors.

There is also a section full of children's books written by local authors.

The bookshop has this cosy vibe making it very inviting for people who want to read on the spot. They allow customers to read books and purchase them afterwards or vice-versa. One can even bring coffee or beer from the Hillstation Bistro located right next to the bookshop.

They also sell notebooks, bookmarks, stickers, postcards, post-its, and other trinkets, most of which are also locally made.

The bookshop's decor is also a feast for the eyes because of the artworks and vintage displays. The artworks are made by local artists.

True to its vision of spreading the love for words, Mt. Cloud Bookshop also regularly hosts poetry slams. They even held an event called Manga Artists' Meet (which I attended, of course) where we got to meet an amateur (this is how he referred to himself) Japanese mangaka by the name of Miki Yo.

The bookshop has gained popularity over the years since it opened back in 2010. Some people even go to Baguio just to visit the place. I can't blame them since I, for one, keep coming back. I love books and I know that in this place they are also given the utmost love.

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